“If anybody still needs reminding that the journey to Net Zero is not solely going to be solved by heat pumps on the patio, you just need to walk into the storage compound of Fleetsolve.  The Liverpool City Region based CHP specialist holds some of its redeployable fleet there and each one, at over 1 MW each, is the size of a truck.

These CHPs units, which are capable of supplying the nearly Net Zero electrical power, heating and cooling to a building and increasingly the EV charging too, using renewable biofuels and gases, very much represent the large-scale end of carbon reduction.

The company, which was founded in 2002, has built its reputation on innovative multiple-fuel CHPs, which use a range of different bioliquids, biogases and natural gases for their fuel. I predict it will come as much as a surprise to you as it did to me that these large capacity units are currently certificated by Ofgem to utilise as many as 14 different sustainably-approved biofuels and liquids.

Fleetsolve’s core CHP units have successfully provided combined heat, power, and cooling for a wide range of buildings and industrial settings for many years. But, says founder and CEO Keith O’Connor, a combination of customer demand and changing energy landscape has seen an evolution in the technology in the last few years.

“We believe our technology provides solutions on several fronts,” he says, “We started our diversification process about seven years ago. The CHP systems that power a building using biofuels – and the associated fuel service – are still the heart of our business. But we found that our customers wanted us as a supplier to take on more responsibility in achieving their carbon reduction targets.”

So, Keith says, Fleetsolve elected to ‘go up the supply chain’ to help our customers ambitions: “If we are going to the trouble of underwriting our CHP design and carbon savings, we thought ‘Let’s see what else the customer might want us to do.’”

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