A new phase of the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) has opened, to help industrial sites transition to a low carbon future. Organisations have until 19th April 2024 to bid for a share of the Phase 3 funding, which covers a range of measures including energy efficiency and decarbonisation technologies.

Renewable combined heat and power (CHP) is supported as a fuel switch technology and can deliver exceptional efficiency and decarbonisation gains. With over 20 years’ experience delivering renewable CHP solutions to power critical industrial sites, we can help you apply for IETF funding, and support your project from concept, design, construction, installation, commissioning and ongoing fuelling, service and maintenance.

We’ve put together a quick guide to the IETF below.

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About the IETF

The IETF targets existing industrial processes, aiming to boost the uptake of energy efficiency and decarbonisation technologies. It is open to a broad range of industrial sectors based in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, both within and outside of industrial clusters. 

Phase 3 of the fund is open now, with £185m available on a first come first serve basis, over two application windows. The second application window will open in June or July 2024 we will keep you posted! 

Funding will be allocated across three competition strands: feasibility and engineering studies, energy efficiency technologies, and decarbonisation technologies – all of which Fleetsolve has a successful track record of helping to deliver.  

Who is eligible for IETF support?

To be eligible, your business must fall under one of the eligible SIC codes, which can be found in the official government guidance. They include manufacturing, data centres, and, for the first time, industrial laundries and Controlled Environment Horticulture.  

CHP as an eligible measure

The IETF will support fuel switching feasibility studies or deployment projects, where it can be demonstrated that the outcome of the switch delivers reduces industrial process emissions. This includes combined heat and power (CHP) projects, for example where a biofuel or hydrogen fueled CHP replaces a fossil fuel energy source.

Projects that switch to a range of waste fuels are also eligible, e.g. Refuse Derived Fuel, or waste from food production. As well as demonstrating the potential emissions savings, you will need to justify the reason for choosing waste fuel over other options, source the waste fuel from your own site/processes and justify why this is the best use of the waste product.

Fleetsolve has successful track record of combining CHP as a tried, tested and trusted energy technology alongside its innovative fuelling approach using renewable ISCC (International Sustainability Certification Council) biodiesel produced from waste materials.  

Eligible fuel switches are outlined in the table below:

Source: Government IETF guidance

CHP – Delivering energy security and onsite decarbonisation at industrial scale

CHP units generate electricity onsite, and simultaneously capture the heat that is a by-product of the generation process. The heat is used to meet the space and water heating demands of buildings and industrial processes.

Fleetsolve’s industrial CHP plants operate on a range of low carbon and renewable fuels including bioliquids, biogases, SynGases, bio-LPG, RDME and hydrogen. They are ideal for energy-intensive industrial sites, as they provide a stable resilient power supply, while delivering significant reductions in carbon emissions and energy cost reductions. In fact, CHP quickly pays for itself in industrial sites where there is high heating or cooling demand.

CHP is also an ideal solution for off-grid industrial sites, or sites where the local grid infrastructure is insufficient to meet a site’s growing needs. 

Key dates:

Applications for Phase 3 of the IETF opened on 29th January 2024, and close on 19th April 2024.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the eligibility and assessment stages in October 2024. Grant Funding Agreements for successful proposals will be signed in December 2024.

Get in touch – we can help!

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We’ll only recommend renewable CHP if it’s right for you.

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