The Green Heat Network Fund (GHNF) offers financial support to organisations for the commercialisation and construction of low carbon heat network projects in England. Known as “central heating for cities”, shared heat networks are playing a crucial role in driving down emissions from heating and cooling our buildings – one of the biggest challenges in meeting net zero.

Low carbon CHP-based heat network projects are eligible for funding – and with a new round now open, Fleetsolve is here to help. With over 20 years of experience delivering at scale low carbon heat solutions, we are ready to help you apply to the Green Heat Network Fund.

We’ve put together the essential guide for all things GHNF, and for more information on specifically how we can help with your application, please call on 0151 353 2870 or email us on

What is the Green Heat Network Fund?

The Green Heat Network Fund is capital grant programme launched in 2022 by the UK government to accelerate the transition to low-carbon, sustainable heating solutions.

Designed to provide targeted financial support, the fund aims to encourage the development and expansion of low carbon technologies at scale. Low carbon heat networks are essential for providing efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling services to homes, businesses, and public institutions.

Who is eligible for the Fund?

The Green Heat Network Fund is available to open projects in England responsible for the development of heat (and cooling) networks. All applicants must meet application gated metrics and provide all supporting evidence documentation.

Applicants may be:

  • Public sector: Government departments, academic institutions, NHS trusts, and other public sector organisations.
  • Private sector: Registered companies who submit annual accounts.
  • Third sector: Organisations such as registered charities, community investment companies, and other registered organisations submitting annual accounts are eligible for funding.

Who is not eligible for the GHNF?

Individuals, households, and sole traders are not eligible to apply for funding.

Furthermore, the GHNF will only support heat network projects that would not be developed without government support. For example, if there is a standing legal requirement for customers to connect to a low carbon heat network, applicants will not be considered for funding.

What projects will the GHNF fund?

The GHNF will support both emerging and established heat networks that supply low-carbon heat at a scale aligned with the government’s strategic goals for expanding heat network market growth in England.

Under GHNF criteria, a heat network is defined as a series of connected pipes that distribute thermal energy to customers, employing low-carbon technologies which are centrally managed.

The GHNF utilises a principles-based approach, funding projects that can demonstrate how they will deliver the low carbon network while showing value for money.

Renewable CHP-based heat networks

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a tried, tested and trusted technology that is often used as the energy source for a heat network. It harnesses and puts to use the heat produced as a by-product during electricity generation. Its efficiency typically exceeds 80%, in stark contrast to the typical 50% efficiency of grid electricity and gas boilers, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Designed for operational resilience, Fleetsolve’s CHP units can run on renewable fuels such as bio-liquids, biogas, and hydrogen. They serve as a dependable off-grid solutions, ensuring black-start capability, and adaptability to varying heat and power requirements.

Fleetsolve’s CHP and integrated power generation solutions have earned prestigious honours. A recent Fleetsolve education project won the RICS UK Project of the Year Award, a BREEAM Award for best Design Stage Public Sector Project, and was the first Passivhaus Premium commercial building in the UK.

Key dates and deadlines

The GHNF is a grant-only scheme which launched in 2022, disbursed over a series of funding rounds, providing funding across the financial years 2022/23 to 2026/27.

Round 7 is now open, with a closing date of 23 February 2024.

Applicants can register their interest and request the application pack via the Triple Point Heat Networks website.

How Fleetsolve can help

Fleetsolve is a renewable energy specialist, with over 20 years of experience helping to deliver heat decarbonisation projects at scale for local authorities and heat network developers.

We can work with you to guide your GHNF application, collaborate with you to provide essential documentation and help you realise your low carbon heat network project.

Together, we can build a more sustainable, eco-friendly future for our communities.

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