The price surges have led to the Energy Intensive Users Group calling for “immediate steps in the face of unprecedented recent increases in energy prices to maintain the international competitiveness of a key economic sector” In fact, Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng held talks with officials from the business department’s “energy resilience unit”, the suggestion being that he was aiming to hold up to 20 one-on-one meetings with energy industry leaders over the coming days as an “intelligence-gathering exercise” to “bottom out how bad things might be”.

Two immediate questions need to be answered:

Firstly, what is your short-term plan? How can a business ensure that they are running their gas CHPs at maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness, ensuring operational resilience and business continuity?

And secondly, how can a business accelerate the energy transition away from its reliance on the fragile fossil fuel market, with a move towards a longer term, more sustainable and carbon zero energy future?

On both counts, Fleetsolve can help you with these challenges! For approaching 20 years now, we have specialised in the design, manufacture, installation, fuelling and maintenance of biofuel CHP systems. Operating 24/7, we provide UK wide service and maintenance, parts and engine replacement from stock, including similar units run on natural gas and biogas.

The good news for UK business is that fiscally, the transition to carbon zero is now more affordable and financially viable than ever before. Fleetsolve’s “utilities style” commercial approach allows a business to pay on a pence per kilowatt (Megawatt) basis, without the need for capital expenditure.

Fleetsolve’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is designed to be both low risk and uncomplicated in its approach. It takes the cost of your energy off your balance sheet and switches it to operational expenditure. Giving you financial transparency, it allows you to predict future cost of your energy as business requirements scale.

Call us to see how we can help you successfully navigate the current energy price crisis, on 0151 353 2870, or email