We discussed the skills challenges, how colleges are working with industry and what sectors are taking advantage of the Wirral’s unique geography.

Fleetsolve’s marketing director Andrew Colwell highlighted the opportunities – and challenges – of green economic growth for the region.

Andrew said, “Fleetsolve has been going for about 20 years and recently relocated to Wirral.  It is clear listening around the table that the Wirral has a major opportunity for economic growth, transformation and regeneration ahead of it. It’s a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

“There isn’t a debate anymore that economic growth isn’t going to be clean and green. It’s got to be. But there must be a balance between your existing energy assets and cost management and making sure your energy resilience is right. Hydrogen is not coming to Wirral until at least 2030, but you’ve got to look at what you can do now.”

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