Fleetsolve, which is a specialist bioenergy and carbon reduction business, is one of the UK’s fastest-growing low carbon businesses. From its Wirral HQ near Liverpool England, the company says its agreement with Siemens Energy underpins its strategy to accelerate industrial decarbonisation and zero-carbon projects for UK commercial energy users.

Supporting UK business continuity

In partnering with Siemens Energy, Fleetsolve has extended its range of CHP and generator packages in the >500kW to 2.0MW sector. These systems can be used for cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power – CHP) power generation, continuous duty applications and as stand-by power in energy-critical industries.

Fleetsolve says its agreement with Siemens Energy sees an alignment of both companies’ commitment to delivering customer service excellence. Crucially, it will support UK users’ business continuity through UK-stocked parts, factory-trained technicians and UK-based specialist expertise.  For businesses that are concerned with the impact of Brexit on parts supply and import challenges, both parties hope this arrangement will give much-needed market confidence.

‘Biofuel and hydrogen ready’

The relationship also presents an exciting opportunity to carbon-conscious businesses looking to future-proof their CHP systems in readiness for medium and longer-term decarbonisation plans. Siemens Energy CHP engines have a long history of operating on a range of liquid and gaseous fuels including biofuels. The UK market has predominately been powered by natural gas. However, the global focus on low carbon energy production has seen a shift in customers’ requirements for more sustainable fuel sources including biogases, bioliquids and of course high-blend hydrogen. Siemens Energy’s long-term development, know-how and experience in low carbon fuels makes them an ideal choice for future flexibility and efficiency.

Fleetsolve, which has 20 years’ experience in biofuels, says it is possible to operate Siemens Energy’s engines effectively using alternative fuel sources – including renewable gaseous, liquid biofuels and on-site waste streams to further develop the circular economy. Furthermore, the Siemens Energy units are future-proofed to transition to longer-term alternative energy sources, such as high blend hydrogen, and methane. From a net zero perspective, this is an exciting proposition for existing carbon-conscious Siemens Energy customers.

Business growth strategy

With decarbonisation a priority for all UK commercial energy users, Fleetsolve has structured itself for rapid growth. The OEM agreement with Siemens Energy is a critical piece in its growth and development strategy.The company is currently on an exciting business pathway of ambitious growth plans over the next 5 years, aiming to increase its annual revenues to £150 million. Key to this, is its aim to supply all industry sectors with all fuel types and all sizes of power generation and CHP, ranging from 2KW to 2MW. 

To deliver on its ambitions, Fleetsolve has recently appointed several senior roles to bolster its capacity and prepare itself for major growth. The company forecasts that by 2027, it will provide skilled employment opportunities for an additional 100 people both in the Northwest region and across the UK.

‘Supporting UK Industry’

“This is an exciting time for Fleetsolve and we are absolutely delighted to confirm our partnership with Siemens Energy,” says Keith O’Connor, Co-founder and CEO at Fleetsolve.  “Our two businesses are completely aligned in our objectives. Both parties are wholly committed to supporting the UK market on its decarbonisation journey with a powerful combination of world-class expertise, customer service and future-proofed technologies.

“At Fleetsolve, we believe we have created a unique platform for carbon reduction solutions and are now better placed than ever to support UK industry in preparing for the energy resilience challenges that lay ahead. With the Siemens Energy agreement in place, even more CHP and continuous duty generation users have an opportunity to benefit from our expertise – and future-proof their power generation needs as the market moves to a wider range of renewable fuels of the future.”

Commenting on the partnership with Fleetsolve,Steve Scrimshaw, VP Siemens Energy UK&I said: “The challenge to reach net zero has never been more critical and our efforts to deliver cogeneration and alternative energy solutions to the UK market will be strengthened by this new partnership. I’m delighted they will also drive long-term service offering in this range.”

Laurent Dendrael, General Manager of the Siemens Energy Engine Business, said: “Fleetsolve is the industry leader and the perfect partner to deliver an extraordinary customer experience. We also share ambitions to develop alternative energy solutions to help the UK meet its zero-carbon commitment. We are excited to have found the right partner to walk that decarbonisation path.”