Phase II of the new Swimming Pool Support Fund (SPSF) launches on September 4th – giving local authorities the chance to finance capital energy efficiency upgrades in public pools.

Fleetsolve is pleased to see that combined heat and power (CHP) projects are eligible for funding. CHP is the ideal technology for swimming pools, and we’ve been helping leisure facilities take advantage of this cost effective, energy efficient, low carbon technology for over 20 years. 

We’ve put together a brief guide to the Swimming Pool Support Fund, and for more specific details on how we can help you with your application, please call on 0151 353 2870 or email us on – we’d be delighted to help.

Swimming Pool Support Fund – at a glance

Administered by Sport England, the fundamental goal of the Swimming Pool Support Fund (SPSF) is to alleviate the immediate financial strains faced by public leisure facilities, and enable investments in energy efficiency. Following the conclusion of Phase I funding, the spotlight now shifts to Phase II, which will fund capital projects that improve the energy efficiency of public facilities with pools. The application window opens on 4 September.

What facilities are eligible for SPSF funding?

Eligibility for SPSF applications requires that the applying entity:

    • Operates within England.
    • Has at least one swimming pool set to benefit from enhanced energy efficiency via this support.
    • Has applied for funding to cover eligible expenses.

The pool must offer public pay-as-you-swim sessions to be eligible and this offer must be significant enough to be considered part of the local public swimming provision by the local authority. Private hire of a swimming pool is not considered to be public access.

What types of projects are funded?

Phase II funding is earmarked for capital investments directed at curbing energy consumption in swimming pool facilities.

Sport England has put together a priority list of eligible measures and strongly advises applicants to opt for interventions with established track records in generating energy savings for swimming pool facilities, such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems. CHP involves generating electricity on site and then capturing the resulting heat for an organisation’s heating needs – resulting in energy cost savings of up to 50%.

The list also outlines solutions like solar PV, metering and monitoring software, dynamic variable speed filtration, and efficient shower flow restrictors.

Benefits of CHP systems in swimming pools

Swimming pools are notorious energy guzzlers and have a high heat demand, outpacing even other buildings, like an office block, by five times in energy consumption per square meter.

That’s why Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems are game changers: they produce on-site electricity while capturing the generated heat for heating, significantly cutting thermal waste. CHP typically has an efficiency of over 80%, compared to around 50% for using grid electricity plus a gas boiler.

Specifically designed for operational resilience, black-start and dynamic heat and power demand, Fleetsolve’s CHP units operate flexibly and can be powered by multiple fuel types – both liquid and gaseous – ranging from natural gas, LPG, Propane, bio-LPG, rDME, biogas, Syn-Gas, biofuel and hydrogen, whether in blended format or ultimately 100%.

We’ve delivered CHP solutions to many public swimming facilities within local authorities – and we’ve seen significant energy savings across the board.

What’s next?

The launch of Swimming Pool Support Fund Phase II is set for 4 September 2023. The application period extends for six weeks until noon on 17 October 2023.

Applicants should be prepared to provide comprehensive details about the proposed interventions, encompassing strategies, existing energy tariffs, and facility-specific particulars. Compiling essential documents beforehand is strongly recommended.

How Fleetsolve can help

With 20+ years of expertise of delivering energy security and onsite decarbonisation, Fleetsolve can assist with Swimming Pool Support Fund applications, essential documentation, and the design and implementation of cutting-edge, innovative CHP systems.

Get in touch on 0151 353 2870 or for more insight on the Swimming Pool Support Fund and a conversation with one of our energy specialists – we’d be happy to help you with your application.

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