Fleetsolve CEO, Keith O’Connor and RMB ENERGIE CEO, Henning Brake, will join a panel discussion to explore the multiple energy challenges facing businesses – and what solutions exist today to tackle these head on.

Keith and Henning will highlight successful case studies where Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is providing both energy resilience and onsite decarbonisation for multiple installations – from residential, commercial and industrial settings. They will explain how businesses can transition away from traditional fossil fuels for good via more innovative cleaner fuelling options, including biogas, bioliquid and ultimately hydrogen.

UK first: The launch of 100% hydrogen micro-CHP

Keith and Henning will also present the roadmap for the RMB ENERGIE 100% hydrogen powered, neoTower micro-CHP unit – the first of its kind – to be launched at the back end of this year in the UK & Ireland, exclusively available from Fleetsolve.

The hydrogen neoTower will ultimately make 100% clean energy accessible to a huge part of the business landscape who may not have thought it possible.  While CHP is usually associated with large industrial sites, micro-CHPs are much more compact units that are ideal for many organisations with a smaller plant room footprint, including schools, care homes, healthcare centres and mixed-use residential sites. We think it’s a gamechanger for the energy transition – and we’d love to show you why.

Key dates

To learn more or to discuss your onsite energy challenge with us, join us at the Installer Show on 27 – 29 June at the NEC Birmingham

  • Find us on the Fleetsolve – RMB ENERGIE stand, no. G194.
  • Join Fleetsolve and RMB ENERGIE’s panel discussion on 28th June, 12.30 – 1.30pm at the elemental Decarbonising Buildings Theatre.